Freedom Series Level 1 - Be Spirit Led

Freedom is not a destination is it a Person. That Person is Jesus Christ. In John 10:10b Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Jesus didn't die on the cross for you to remain in any form of physical or spiritual bondage.

The problem is most Christians don't know about spiritual freedom.  They get saved, some even get baptized by the Holy Spirit, yet fall into the same sin over and over. They keep the doors open for the enemy to attack you, your family, your finances, and more.

In this powerful series "Be Spirit Led", it reveals powerful revelations that establishes a new foundation for your life. A foundation on Christ based upon Biblical truths, and not religion, or worldly opinion. It's designed to be done as an individual or in a group. If you or your church is interested, see below for more information.

Your Freedom Journey

"Being Spirit Led" is packed with twenty-eight modules that establish Biblical truths across seven weeks. 

Learn the truth about God

You will learn the truths spoken about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. How They want to build an intimate relationship with you. How you can walk out a holy life knowing They truly care about you, your future, and all the dreams they have deposited in you!

Learn the truth about you

The Bible has a lot of truths about you. How God perceives you. How you should look at yourself. How you should carry yourself in society. You will learn more about who you really are because only God gets to define "Your Identity in Christ". 

Learn the truth about the enemy

The biggest revelations come from the most hidden corners of life. The Bible explains that the devil is your real enemy. The people, no matter how wicked, are the mission. "Be Spirit Led" explains how to recognize the difference and how to act according to God's commands. 

Walk life out in freedom

Jesus didn't die the most horrible death imaginable for you to live a defeated life. Isaiah 53 said that Jesus was completely unrecognizable on the cross. He wouldn't have subjected Himself to such cruelty to leave you helpless. He wants you free from sickness, poverty, and spiritual torment.