Dramatically grow your social media

Do you want to grow your social media, but you're stuck at low views or subscribers?
Our social media programs are uniquely positioned to help you thrive.
We implemented these powerful principles and have grown dramatically. Even our customers are getting fully monetized on social media in around 90 days!
We have three primary services. Social Media Editor, Manager, or Coaching services that support and augment content creators that are crunched for time.
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Our Social Media Services

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a weekly or bi-weekly scheduled call that your personal coach will review, curate, and manage the weekly social media content put out by you. It will cover strategies, current trends, updates to the ministries, reviewing short term goals, and video analytics.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager handles the scheduling, rescheduling, maintenance, and overall management of a social media site. They review analytics, trends, and other data points including scheduling hours, trending search words, viral sounds, and more. As well as AI Comment Management for engaging your user base. 

Social Media Editor

The social media editor handles all post-production editing taking raw video footage and creating engaging shorts and videos. Editors provide feedback on vocal tonality, suggestions to improve speaker’s approach to build a consistent social brand. They work with you on their specific requests as needed to provide a more engaging experience.

Church Accelerator Program

90 Day Social Media Program
  • Equip churches to expand online presence
  • Reach millions of viewers
  • Dramatically increase subcribers
  • Strategy works on all social media platforms
  • Reuse existing sermons and content
  • Social media monetization strategies
  • Online training programs
  • Weekly video calls
  • Social media coaches
  • Prebuilt Video Frameworks – maximize virality
  • Access to Social Media Manager and Editor